The D23 Expo is right around the corner and hopefully Kingdom Hearts news will join us. This year is special since we are now in 2018, the officially confirmed release year for Kingdom Hearts III, so expectations are high for the Kingdom Hearts Fan Event taking place on February 10th at 4pm JST/2am EST/7am GMT. But what can we expect from it? Anything is possible from very little to more than expected but I’ll throw in my two cents and take a few guesses. Come back here on February 13 to see what I got right and how many I got wrong.

1. A release date

This one is so obvious that it has become a meme upon itself, but it is also the most likely to happen. So far we know the game should be released this year but we don’t have a month or day. D23 seems like the appropriate place to show off a small clip of gameplay followed by the release date. A release date I’m going to bet will be in… the summer! That’s my bet and I’m sticking with it.

2. Frozen world reveal

World reveals are always popular parts of the Kingdom Hearts trailers, and while I do hope they keep some of the worlds a secret, they are still going to show off the worlds that will generate the biggest buzz. While I was leaning towards an Incredibles reveal due to the upcoming sequel, I feel like Frozen will be the likely candidate due to the constant rumors and hints from the development team.

3. Special editions

Kingdom Hearts III is not like other KH games like Birth By Sleep. This is the numbered title fans have been waiting for since 2005! So to commemorate it, I would not be surprised if Square Enix revealed multiple editions of the game such as a Standard Edition that comes with just the disc, and maybe a Keyblade Master Edition that comes with a Sora figure… or something along those lines. As long as it’s not a fidget spinner (looking at you Crash Bandicoot), it should please the KH fanbase.

4. Tom Hanks

Okay this is out of left field, but it’d be awesome nonetheless. Imagine it. They’re about to reveal the English gameplay trailer and who comes out on stage but Tom Hanks to reveal he and the original Toy Story cast are returning to voice their respective characters! The Kingdom Hearts series has always done an impressive job of having actors return to play their respective Disney characters with obvious exceptions due to death (Tony Jay, Judge Frollo) or limited finance/availability (Robin Williams, Genie). Having the likes of Tom Hanks and Tim Allen in a video game may be expensive and a long shot, but it’d be a surprise many fans would be delighted by.

Those are my predictions. So in a few weeks, we shall see how on point I was.

Let us know your predictions for the 2018 D23 Expo Japan’s Kingdom Hearts Fan Event!

Preston Francis

Preston Francis

Preston Francis has been a fan of "Kingdom Hearts" since he got the first game on PS2 for Christmas. He is currently doing a LP of the first "Kingdom Hearts" with his friends on the YouTube channel Junkster. He is also a published author with his book, "The Fictionals and the Book Club Rebellion," out now with a sequel soon to follow up. All articles written by Preston are of his own opinion.

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