We all love Kingdom Hearts, but just like anything else, it has its quirks. This is a descending list of the 13 things that I think should be not be coming up again in Kingdom Hearts III.

13. New Keyblade wielders

Don’t get me wrong, the Keyblade is a pretty unique weapon, but since the first game, we have seen the total of Keyblade wielders in each game increase from 3 in KH (Sora, Riku, and King Mickey) to more than a dozen, including the retired Yen Sid.. Even the Genie summon in KH2 has a Keyblade, which may not count, but it should still be noted. And don’t even get me started with Union χ! (I blame Oprah for this one…)

I guess the thing that would actually make us flip tables in KH3 is if even more characters get a Keyblade for no apparent reason (excluding those who have one already at this stage). Can you imagine if all of the restored Organization members had Keyblades? (I’m looking at you, Marluxia. Or is that even your true name?) Or even Hayner? Pence? Olette!

12. Atlantica Idol

Much like American Idol, this needs to be cancelled. Although there are many fans that actually enjoyed the musical portion of the game, others found it irritating and pointless. If Atlantica returns for KH3, I really don’t know what kind of plot we would get. An interesting solution would be for the gameplay to take place on land, near where Prince Eric lives. If a musical world is absolutely necessary, I’m hoping that they at least pick a different world.

11. Frustrating map layouts

If I’m getting lost in a video game, there’s a problem. I may be the only one that found some worlds hard to navigate, but Monstro, Deep Jungle, and Wonderland were all labyrinthine nightmares in KH. If this final struggle against Xehanort includes the same mazelike-worlds, I think I’d rather let darkness consume all of them. They’re not worth saving…

In contrast, worlds like Neverland on KH1 are almost too small. My favorite layouts for worlds were large, but easy to navigate. Twilight Town and Agrabah are good examples of well-balanced worlds. They aren’t over simplified, and yet I don’t feel like I’m getting lost all the time.

10. Underdeveloped characters

Going back to the idea that too many people have Keyblades, I think fans wouldn’t mind as much if we saw more action from people like Kairi, Yen Sid, and some Organization members. Kairi has always been a little underdeveloped, but the fact that she just suddenly has a Keyblade towards the end of KH2 was a little strange. This was only revisited in the secret ending of Dream Drop Distance, but with not much explanation. Yen Sid is likely going to play an important role in KH3, and we haven’ even seen his Keyblade yet. Fortunately for us, series director Tetsuya Nomura has stated that all the characters’ stories will be settled in KH3, so I’m looking forward to the return of ex-Organization members who were given the least limelight, such as Demyx and Luxord.

There are many other characters that could also use additional screen time, but needless to say if certain characters like Kairi don’t get the attention they need, we may be flipping tables all over the place.

9. Monotonous Gummi Ship levels

“Hi, this is your captain speaking. Welcome to Button Masher Academy, a delightfully confusing journey to the next world. Just shoot everything and you’ll be fine!”

‘Nuff said.

I feel like there are some mixed feelings when it comes to Gummi Ships in general, whether it’s the gameplay itself or the ship design. Personally, I felt like they were a necessary evil to give players the feel of traveling to a new world. In all honesty, I was grateful that BBS did not have Gummi Ship missions. If Sora and the gang end up using those awesome Keyblade gliders, I’ll be pretty happy.

Gummi Ships have been confirmed to return in KH3, but I wholeheartedly hope they come back as a whole new, more exciting entity.

8. Card Based Gameplay

The only time I have ever seen someone die against a Shadow is when they were playing Chain of Memories. Had they been using anything other than those ridiculous cards, I’m sure they would have lived to fight another day. Unfortunately, said friend gave up on that game immediately and moved on to KH2. Obviously, this won’t happen again in KH3, but on the off chance it did, tables would be flying everywhere.

The only card-based gameplay that can be slightly excused from the table flip is Flick Rush!

7. Timed Coliseum battles

Olympus Coliseum is already a source of controversy for some Kingdom Hearts fans. They wonder how it’s relevant, or dislike the tournament challenges. I must say that KH2 had a pretty good formula for that world: it had a real plot, but the tournaments were still present. The timed battles in BBS are an entirely different story, with a time limit sucking the fun out of smashing Heartless like a Greek hero. Every time a player is one second too late, they have to start the entire cup over. Mirage Arena was an enjoyable alternative to the BBS version of Olympus Coliseum, more closely resembling the style of the original tournaments. As long as Phil finally declares Sora wise and seasoned enough to be a true hero in his eyes, I will be satisfied with whatever tournament system is in place.

6. A New Enemy

I have often wondered why Kingdom Heart’s basic enemies are so diverse. Heartless and Nobodies always seemed to make sense, but when Unversed and Nightmares were introduced I think there may have been some initial confusion. I think they both have a place in the Kingdom Hearts universe, but if a new ‘species’ of enemy is added, I think I would be a bit upset. Based on some of the gameplay footage we’ve seen, it appears that Heartless will at least be present in the final installment of the Xehanort saga. Would a new enemy bother you, or do you think it would be a welcome adjustment?

5. Separate Japanese and Western releases

I know we don’t have to worry about this, especially due to Square Enix taking great interest in simultaneous global releases recently. For the last game released, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, we had to wait only 12 days from the Japanese release. But let’s just imagine for a moment though that KH3 releases in Japan first. What if we were waiting for months or weeks for an international release? What if we got inadvertently spoiled by then? What if we decided to spoil ourselves, against our better judgement? That’d be more than 12 years of patiently waiting absolutely ruined! (Okay, I might be a bit melodramatic here…)

Luckily, the worst that could happen is a few days’ delay between the two releases. But even then, doesn’t one of the most awaited game in the last decade warrant a worldwide simultaneous release?

4. The same old Donald and Goofy

Where can I start with these two? They have become an integral part of Sora’s journey, but at the same time they can be completely useless at times. Even in the original KH when Goofy’s health bar stretches across the screen, and Donald’s magic does the same, they die so quickly. If Donald would only put that magic to use healing me I would be fine, but that sadistic little duck must really like watching Sora die.

I hope that Donald and Goofy both improve drastically. They do have at least one thing going for them though: they keep things light. Without their support, Sora may not have had the strength to accomplish all that he did. Just please heal me Dolan.

3. Healing issues

Aside from the colossal failure that is Donald Duck, the game has a few healing quirks. Even with Leaf Bracer, I find that sometimes I die as I’m trying to heal myself. The transition from KH’s to KH2’s magic cost was also a bit of a shock to me when I first played through both games. I was used to healing several times in a single battle, but in KH2 I found myself relying heavily on difficult to use items. The delay in healing that came from having to scroll down the command list led to my death countless times.

What are your thoughts on the various healing/magic systems? Which would you like to see in KH3, and which ones would make you flip a table?

2. Certain minigames

The Hundred Acre Wood and Disney Town both felt like a waste of time to me. Sure, it was sweet that Sora made a bunch of animal friends, and that Terra got to let loose and forget about the darkness, but the Hundred Acre wood really wasn’t enjoyable as far as gameplay is concerned. If Heartless somehow make it into the book and we see some real action in KH3, then I won’t flip any tables.

1. Plot holes

I’m really hoping that by the end of KH3, everything about the Xehanort saga is tied up nicely. Loose ends drive me nuts, especially when I think I’m missing something important. One of my biggest mysteries is where the rest of the Organization members went when they woke up. Other mysteries still remain as well, such as the fate of Aqua, Ven, Terra, Roxas, and Naminé. If I am left hanging at the end of the game we have waited on for many years, it will be very depressing. Fortunately for us, it was confirmed that all the characters’ stories will be settled in KH3. Fingers crossed!

In the end, I think we will all be able to put our tables back where they belong and enjoy the wonderful game that is Kingdom Hearts III. The developers have done a great job with the previous games, and I’m sure this one will be great too. I’m excited to see the final product!

Xion Bonus: 3 hour tutorials!

Ohhh Kingdom Hearts II… How I miss summer vacation.

Let us know all the things that you DON’T want to see in Kingdom Hearts III!

This article was written by Roxy T. Lidd. He has been an avid Kingdom Hearts fan for over 10 years, and eagerly awaits the release of Kingdom Hearts III. His favorite characters are Axel and Riku, and he’s very grateful that you took the time to read his work!

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