The Japanese Kingdom Hearts Portal Site has a new look as we enter the new fiscal year for Square Enix and a few weeks for the Dandelion Meeting in Anaheim, California. The site features new additions including news, merchandise, a look at the ReMIX collections, and an updated timeline of the Xehanort Saga from Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover to Kingdom Hearts III. You can view screenshots from the website below.



The Japanese Kingdom Hearts Twitter tweeted a picture celebrating the launch of the revamped site. You can view that below. (Special thanks to KH13 Staff Member Mio-Chan for the translation!)

“Kingdom Hearts series portal site has been updated! We will continue to send out information periodically, so please look forward to it.”



Currently, the English Kingdom Hearts site hasn’t been updated. It’s unknown if the site will get a similar revamp to reflect the Japanese site. What do you think of the new updated site? Do you think we will receive frequent updates? Let us know in the comments below!



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