In less than 24 hours after the Kingdom Hearts III Frozen trailer released during the Microsoft conference at E3, another trailer was shown during the Square Enix E3 Showcase!

You can watch it below:

While this was similar to the trailer that came before it at the Microsoft conference, it showed more footage, including gameplay, of the worlds of Frozen, Tangled, Toy Story, and Monsters, Inc. ne of the additional scenes showed Sora and the gang fighting against the Ice Titan on a merry-go-round Attraction Flow! The trailer also showed some returning characters from the series such as Xigbar/Braig! Ienzo and Hayner, Pence, and Olette also made a comeback; the Twilight trio was first shown running away from the Heartless in Twilight Town, and subsequently in the computer room in the Abandoned Mansion, in the company of none other than Ienzo, who seemed to be helping Sora in explaining how Ansem incorporated Roxas’s “full data” in constructing the virtual Twilight Town. The return of Roxas was once again hinted at by Xemnas and Xehanort’s Heartless. Does this mean that instead of getting Roxas back by turning to the darkness, Sora will instead try to extract a data version of him?

Our friends who attended the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra concert in Los Angeles on Saturday also commented that many scenes from the trailer they were shown were added in this one, with the exception of a short dancing scene with Sora and Rapunzel. Even Ratatouille made an official appearance, with Remy helping Sora cook with his classic tug-of-hair! This scene was part of a mini-game, as per Tasha Sounart, Associate Creative Director and KH3 Consultant at Pixar.

Five hours later, fans were surprised with yet another trailer played during the Sony conference, this time announcing the returning world of Pirates of the Carribean! (Let’s be honest: NOBODY was expecting that!)

While the return of Pirates was unexpected, it was even more surprising to see just how different and infinitely better all the characters blended in with the world. Even the original Pirates character looked very true to their style, and a much wider range of characters were beautifully redesigned for Kingdom Hearts III this time around, including the beloved Gibbs, the mysterious Tia Dalma, the returning Will Turner, Elizabeth Swan, and Barbossa, other crew members and, of course, CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow who introduced himself with a true-to-the-third-movie dramatic entrance! Infact, the timeline of the Pirates world plot in Kingdom Hearts III seems to be during At World’s End. And Jack even had the mouth twitch movement from the movies!

In the trailer, pirate ship cannon wars were waged, introducing another fantastic gameplay element to the game, and fans were awed by Sora’s agile movements from ship to ship, diving underwater, and engaging in air combat all while wearing his perky new pirate outfit. Memories were brought back with the reappearance of Luxord, who also blended in with the environment. More plot points were hinted at (just like with Aqua’s new dark side), with Larxene mentioning new hearts of pure light.

The Japanese version of the trailer, interestingly titled “Vol. 3” (with the previous two trailers being “Vol. 1” and “Vol. 2”), even shows an additional brief scene with Marluxia, sporting Xehanort’s darkness-infested yellow eyes. (And this made me realize; Larxene also has yellow eyes!) You can watch it below at 2:24.

But the surprises weren’t over yet; Lea (or as he was called in the trailer, Axel) made his first KH3 appearance, and was greeted by no other than Kairi, sporting a new outfit and a haircut! Kairi’s new outfit was finally made available in Kingdom Hearts Union x[Cross] as well, along with outfits designed after Jack Sparrow and Carina Smyth to celebrate their world’s KH3 reveal. The trailer ended with the appearance with yet another returning character that was hinted towards back in 2017; Riku Replica, or Repliku as we call him affectionately around these parts.

The next livestreams that Kingdom Hearts III will be a part of are the PlayStation Live at E3  at 2.15pm PDT today, and Square Enix Presents on Thursday at 3pm PDT, which will show the E3 Demo Live Gameplay of Toy Box and Olympus Coliseum at the Square Enix Booth. SE Presents will also feature KHUx Coliseum Showdown at 10.30am PDT on the same day.

You can watch Square Enix Presents on Twitch or Youtube, and PlayStation Live on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or their website.

With both Microsoft and Sony blowing us away with their Kingdom Hearts features during their conferences, one is to wonder if – and in some cases, even expect that – Nintendo might do the same? Nintendo Direct at E3 streams on Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube at 9am PDT. What kind of KH news fans might be expecting varies, from KH1.5+2.5 and 2.8 ported to the Switch, or KH3 being announced for the console. Some have other thoughts in mind:

What are your thoughts on the latest trailers? Are you expecting any more?



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  • Pirates of Carribean looked great! I just hope KH3 properly integrates the Disney worlds as being part of the main plot instead of treating them like filler. Similar to how they did in previous games.

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