Yes, I am aware that the Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] Fan Event is all everyone can talk about on Twitter right now, hashtag KHUxDM hashtag DandelionMeeting – so here I am, joining the bandwagon!

The KHUχ “Dandelion Meeting” is an exclusive fan event taking place tomorrow, Sunday April 15, at the House of Blues Anaheim in Anaheim, California, with the schedule as follows:

  • 11:30 AM: Check-in Begins
  • 1:00 PM: Doors Open / Event Start
  • 2:00 PM: Opening Remarks
  • 3:00 PM: KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross] Designer Panel
  • 6:00 PM: KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross] Developer Panel with Franchise Director Tetsuya Nomura
  • 8:00 PM: Event Close

While it is meant to be a celebration of the 2nd anniversary of the mobile game, its grand scale, and particularly the presence of series director Tetsuya Nomura during a special “Developer Panel” starting at 6PM PDT, leave us wondering if we will get something… more… from this event.

So here are my expectations from this event. They are more like predictions and what I would like to happen, but if they don’t happen, that’s cool as well. Square Enix will have my support, money, and cat either way.

1. A major KHUχ update

I don’t personally play KHUχ, so even with that headline I can’t really elaborate on what kind of update to expect. But I’d like to think that it will be so important that it will finally make me want to get some extra storage on my phone, two external batteries, and the fastest charger out there to finally continue from where I last quit this game! I know that the Player VS Player element is to be introduced soon, so maybe some more information on what it entails? Or maybe some Kingdom Hearts GO sort of element added to the games? Voice over on medals, like with the Japanese version? A huge plot twist? A sixth Leader? The previous Leaders’ faces? The contents of the Master’s black box? Strelitzia coming back? WHAT WILL IT BE?!

2. How KHUχ connects to KH3

At this point I think we have all accepted that “chi” is canon to the the story. In regards to Unchained χ, Nomura said:

It’s connected to KH3. It’s the oldest of tales in the series. Sora and co haven’t even been born yet… The events [in KHχ and KH Unchained χ[Chi]] happen at a time far long past. Regarding a new keyword related to 3, if you play KHχ and KH Unchained χ it might make you go “Oh?” We keep thinking of ways in order to make players think “I’m glad I played this”.

He reiterated this about KH Union χ[Cross], as per the next quote below. But HOW are they connected?

KHUχ Spoiler

We know the appearance of Ventus is such a connection, seeing how Nomura has stated, during the preview night of the Kingdom Hearts Commemorative Campaign at the Square Enix Café in Japan, that this is the same Ventus as the one we have seen in BBS and the other games. But how is this even possible?

Lauriam also seems to have some connection to Marluxia, due to the name being an anagram (without an X) of the Nobody, the physical similarities between the two characters, and Lauriam demonstrating worthy of being nicknamed the “Graceful Assassin.” Even Brain seems very familiar, although on a more subjective note.

In the cinematic of KHχ Back Cover, we also see the Keyblade that Master Xehanort wielded in BBS, which again made an appearance in the KH3 E3 2015 trailer and in KH 0.2, where a figure – resembling Luxu – was holding it. That Keyblade sports the Master of Master’s eye, which enables him to see the future.

How does this all connect to Kingdom Hearts III? We can only hope for some hints to be dropped at the Dandelion Meeting to assuage our thirst for knowledge to solve these mysteries within the Kingdom Hearts lore.

3. A new world exclusive to KHUχ

During the Making of Kingdom Hearts video shown to the attendees at the Kingdom Harts Fan Event at D23 Expo 2018 Japan, Nomura stated,

KHUχ is connected to KH3. Then, there will be a world that didn’t appear in the Kingdom Hearts series, and it will appear now. But it won’t be in Kingdom Hearts III. And from here the story will drastically change.

If the Dandelion Meeting isn’t the best place and time to share with the fans what this new world is, then I don’t know what is. This is a world that hasn’t appeared in the series yet, and won’t make its mark in Kingdom Hearts III either. What does this implicate? It seems, from the quote above, that KHUχ and KH3 will connect up until the introduction of this new world, after which the storyline might rive from the main plot of the Dark Seeker Saga. Will this give way to the next saga?

This quote also seems to point to a new original world, rather than another existing Disney or Square property. During the Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX launch events in London and California in 2014, a secret trailer was shown with an original world, similar in appearance to Land of Departure, dubbed “Cable Town.” This is by far the only “original world” we never really heard about again. Will that be it? Time will tell…

4. A secret video/presentation exclusive to the attendees

I say this with a little bit of jealousy, but with a whole lot of happiness towards my lucky friends in the Kingdom Hearts community who will get to see such a thing, if it presents itself during the event! It only makes sense to show something exclusive to the attendees, or the event wouldn’t be as special as it is branded to be. I can’t quite place my finger on what this secret video or presentation will entail, but I think it might be included during the Designer and Developer panels at the event. Photography will not be allowed during these panels (maybe partly because Nomura has zero interest in becoming Insta-famous, although the same cannot be said for his cats), so it makes one even more curious to know what exactly will be talked about. Maybe a Making of Kingdom Hearts video, as the one shown at the Kingdom Hearts Fan Event at D23? Or a secret KH3 footage like the one shown at the KH 2.5 Launch Events? Whatever it is, I hope it will be nothing less than full of wonder and amazement.

5. A new Kingdom Hearts III trailer

Again, for an event so grand, and with the presence of the series director himself, why not provide some fan service? This could also be a brilliant tactic to exponentially increase the hype for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III, which is due to release within the next 8 months. Bring it on, Square Enix!

If a trailer is released, it is plausible to expect that it will be seen by the attending Dandelions first, before it is released to Youtube to be enjoyed by the wider public – similar to what happened during D23 Expo Japan 2018.

As for the contents of such a trailer, gameplay from the previously revealed worlds – such as Monsters, Inc. and Hercules – are to be expected. Some very flashy action scenes will probably be selected to wow the audience with, including any new or curious gameplay elements that will leave us wondering just how dynamic our next Kingdom Hearts adventure is going to be. As for a new world… see below.

But even if a new trailer isn’t released, it won’t be a big deal – we already received two (“TWO?!”) trailers less than 2 months ago. We should be satisfied with that!

6. A new KH3 world reveal + another Organization member

All the Disney worlds in KH3 are planned to be revealed before the game’s release, and the Dandelion Meeting is an excellent location to promote one. There have been some rumors circulating on prospective worlds that could be revealed next; some of these are legit unfortunately, but some are still up in the air (and some are completely bogus). But we at Hypetrain are very eager to see a magnificent reveal of the world of The Jungle Book, a world that has time and time again given the development team trouble. In a 2013 interview with Square Enix, Nomura said:

The Jungle Book is one world that we always try to insert, but due to various circumstances it always ends up being cut.

There is a lot of substantial evidence to prove this, and a few other dots that I have connected in another editorial (you can read it in full here), that justify my strong expectation of Jungle Book as a world in KH3.

I am particularly expecting another Organization XIII member to be revealed in this trailer. Previously we have seen Young Xehanort, Marluxia, and Vanitas. They have each appeared in the newly announced worlds of Toy Story, Tangled, and Monsters, Inc. respectively. They even seem to have some connection to those worlds: Young Xehanort, who literally becomes a master puppeteer, in a world of toys; Marluxia, a flowery individual (for lack of better adjectives) who imprisoned Namine in KH:CoM, in a world where a young girl with powers derived from a magical flower was held prisoner in a lonely tower; and Vanitas, a being of negativity, in a world that used to derive its power from the fear of children. If the pattern holds, we might be seeing a familiar antagonist in a new world – if there is a new KH3 trailer – possibly holding some sort of a connection to the theme of that world.

Whatever this new world reveal may be  (and whether or not we get to see one of our 13 Darknesses), even if it is not The Jungle Book, I expect it to make a lot of existing fans happy and attract many new fans to our beloved franchise.

7. More Utada Hikaru

Don’t Think Twice and Chikai brought me to tears when they were first revealed two months ago, and I still cry for at least 15 minutes when I listen to Edgward Flows’ extended version of them (embed below for your auditory pleasure and convenience). (I’m actually playing it now, and the tears on my keyboard aren’t really helping.) If there is a new trailer – or even an exclusive video of some sort – I do hope that the attending Dandelions get to hear more of Utada Hikaru’s wonderful and heart-wrenching vocals. Maybe they’ll even get an exclusive first listen to an opening theme/extended version of Don’t Think Twice before it releases to the public – if so, I wanna know, baby, I really wanna know…

And what about you, what are you expecting from the Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] Dandelion Meeting? Let us know in the comments below! And don’t forget to keep in touch with our Twitter and our admin Twilight Thor, who will be representing us at the event, for updates on the event!



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