Over the past few weeks, there have been some major sightings of Heartless throughout the greater Hollow Bastion area. With the new security mechanism, the “claymores”, many of the townspeople believed themselves to be safe from any kind of attack; however, not even the latest technology was enough to secure the town’s complete safety.

We thought the Heartless were a thing of the past”, said Scrooge Mcduck, a wealthy businessman well-known throughout the world.  “I couldn’t believe my eyes when they began to crop up in the market place. I had to fend one off with my best walking cane! They destroyed many of my imported goods! Do you know how much that costs?” He told one of our reporters not long after the attack. Thankfully, nobody was injured during the attacks and the Heartless disappeared as quickly as they came.

According to our sources, the Heartless had been building up in the Great Maw, a canyon like area of blue rock that was once used to mine for crystals during the radiant days of Ansem the Wise. We were also informed that the the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee knew about the massive amount of Heartless, yet did nothing to quell the amassing numbers until they became hostile. We reached out to them for a comment but we have yet to receive a response. In a way, we have garnered a response from the Committee. However, we decline to add legitimate credit to the many rude remarks given to us by a Mr. Cid Highwind, the computer technician of the HBRC. Many are saying that the Heartless attacking were a byproduct of the Committee trying to restore the town. We may never know the reason behind the sudden massive armies and their attacks, but we can be thankful for the many men, women, and animals that put their lives on the line at the Great Maw to stop the threat before they even reached the town.

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Yet, in spite of their heroism, the outskirts of the town received quite a bit of damage. The Bailey wall was demolished and large chunks of the stone wall are scattered all across the small ravine it sat by. Some of the canyons that added to the natural beauty of the Great Maw had collapsed due to the destructive nature of the Heartless. Small number of homes received damage such as claw marks, laser burns and shattered windows. After the battle, there have been reports of what many assume to be a “blue dog” rummaging through the fridges of citizen’s homes during the middle of the night. Whether or not this “dog” will be found remains to be seen.

We here at the Hollow Bastion Bugle would like to thank the HBRC for their heroism, in spite of their faults.

This piece was written by Jacob Chapman, an avid fan of good storytelling, whether it be books, anime, TV shows, or video games. Having grown up reading a variety of novels, and with a slight interest in creative writing, he enjoys writing, mainly fan fiction on Kingdom Hearts and Dark Souls.

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