Footage Contributor

Everglow is a staple Youtuber in the Kingdom Hearts community, and boasts one of the best sources for Kingdom Hearts playthroughs, music, KHUχ translations, guides, and more. Much of the gameplay footage seen throughout the website has been captured by him.

Preston Francis


Preston has been a fan of ``Kingdom Hearts`` since he got the first game on PS2 for Christmas. He is currently doing a Let's Play of the first Kingdom Hearts game with his friends on the YouTube channel Junkster. He is also a published author with his book, ``The Fictionals and the Book Club Rebellion,`` out now with a sequel soon to follow up.

Shakyra Dunn


Author, blogger, gamer: you're bound to find the full package here, and it definitely gets the blood flowing when you're looking at Shakyra Dunn's work!