We all know the pain of Donald healing us after we heal ourselves. “Y Dolan, mus u b so unhelp?” is probably what you all say to yourselves every now and again. But let me tell you something that will blow your mind: you can make Donald addicted to just healing you… just uh, don’t expect him to be slaughtering enemies with vast quantities of attacks and various attack spells. Below are a few tricks that work for customizing the original Kingdom Hearts game and Kingdom Hearts II, as well as the ReMIX version for PS3 and PS4.

Kingdom Hearts (FM)

Ah, the original; it all started here. Goofy using all my potions, Donald healing after I heal. It was a great time to be alive, and now it just got better!

1. Pause the game
Oh ho ho! Starting out easy!

2. Scroll down to the Customize tab and click it
It gets super exciting from here, I promise!

3. Go to Donald’s tab

You can now customize Donald’s AI to do things more frequently or less frequently. The beauty of this is that Donald will only cast helpful-to-you spells. You could set him up so that he basically just uses the defensive spells, and rarely uses offensive magic. Therefore, if you set defensive magic to “Constantly”, Donald will be throwing out spells such as Stop/Stopra/Stopga, Aero/Aerora/Aeroga, Magnet/Magnera/Magnega, and our best friend, Cure/Cura/Curaga, much more than previously).

You could also set up Goofy to “Constantly” to use MP share and his special techniques. This will give you a highly defensive Donald that always gets MP from Goofy, which gets transferred to HP for the whole group through Cure spells. It’s a strategy that I have personally tried myself, and it WORKS! I went through the Hades cup all the way through without having to use a single healing item on myself because Goofy kept spewing MP to Sora and Donald, and then Donald spewing out Cure magic so we wouldn’t die. Try it out for yourself!

Kingdom Hearts II (FM)

1. Repeat the first 2 steps from the KH tutorial

“Wow, so basically you just did this to make the tutorial longer!” No, no. There IS a difference!

2. Go to Donald’s tab

Not as grand as KH, but I feel like this seems too incredibly unknown (I think the people at square were probably like “Nobody uses this. Let’s dumb it down!”). You pick spells, and then set the arrow. The arrow indicates how much Donald uses it. Suppose you don’t want Donald using anything but Cure. Just click on Donald Fire, Donald Blizzard, and Donald Thunder and set them all to the lowest possible setting. Next just set Donald Cure to the highest possible setting. This in theory will make Donald’s AI want to heal you like crazy. If you can appreciate that, then maybe you could play around with it a bit. Set Fire to be used more, but with less Thunder and Blizzard, as well as more Cure. It should keep Donald from losing all his MP to Cure, but still do damage. It really is up to you.

I hope Donald will now heal you a longer time before you heal yourself, and I hope you can overcome many more challenges now with this new knowledge!

Let us know your strategies for Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II!

This article was written by Tyler Riley.

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