Hypetrain Conductor

Aquaberry’s always trying to keep the Hypetrain going in the right direction, especially when her little sister, Sora, is messing with the controls. She’s ambiverted, inappropriate at times, and serious, but is always down for a little fun. She loves talking with KH fans and blueberries (but not actually eating... either), but hates ungrateful people.



Somebody needs to keep the Hypetrain from derailing and falling off a cliff filled with Darkness. That is where Leamax comes in. When he isn’t stalking his fellow Hypetrain managers, he’s usually playing video games and trying to make the perfect meme. He’s brave, (sort-of) smart, and a hard worker.

Xion von Schweetz

Art Warrior

While most of the time she’s sitting in one of the back coaches of the Hypetrain, Xion Von Schweetz is a force to be reckoned with. With her tablet and her stylus in hand, StarletHeaven (as she likes to be called) will make you surrender with her out-of-this-universe art style. Underneath all of her art armor is the heart of a true fangirl who can’t get enough of her Unionχ OCs Gyro and Cindy Lou. But be warned; if you try and knock out her bois Cuphead and Mugman, then she will not hesitate to go all Dark Souls upon you.


Photoshop Princess

No matter how much Photoshop this site needs, Jestapocky will be there to make everything fabulous. She’s been a KH fan since 2010 and not looking to stop anytime in the upcoming future. She’s energetic, organized, and ready for anything, except when she’s swooning over the sight of Axel. Someday she hopes for a Dream Eater of her very own so she can raise it and spoil it with sweets and seasalt icecream.

Irish Isa

Video Expert

In his free time, Irish Isa likes to manage Kingdom Hearts Hypetrain video and livestreaming projects with his well-rounded talent, watch Marvel movies, play video games, and fangirl about Tom Holland singing 'Umbrella'; in his busy time, he writes code. At any time, he likes to throw some final level sass.