What is Kingdom Hearts Hypetrain and who are the people behind it?

Kingdom Hearts Hypetrain was conceived in the dark hours of the morning in mid-2015, an auspicious day when somehow, miraculously,a group of adult friends were online at the same time and able to have a questionably long Skype group call. Along with Leamax, Churro, Mihari-chai, Namipie, and 50ShadesOfRiku, Aquaberry planned a platform that could help Kingdom Hearts fans build and release their hype about the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III and anything exciting in the continuation of the series.

With KHH, we want to keep the “hype train” rolling. Our aim is to include and involve the fandom and convince them to really invest in the series. With the lack of news, this might be essential, and with the anticipation for KH3’s release next year, this might be a great time to start.

Our admin team includes:

  • Aquaberry as the Manager. She is also the News Team Leader at KH13.com, and one of the organizers of the Kingdom Hearts Meet at MCM London Comic Con.
  • Leamax as the Deputy Manager. He is also the News Team Vice Leader at KH13.com.
  • Xion von Schweetz as the Artist. She is a budding artist in the Kingdom Hearts community; you can check her art and commissions on her Facebook page.
  • Irish Isa as one of the Hypetrain Engineers. He is an avid gamer who creates video content for Kingdom Hearts Hypetrain and helps maintain it.
  • Jestapocky as one of the Hypetrain Engineers. She is our graphics managers, helps recruit and train new stuff, and manages our Discord server.

There are many contributors to this list, and, soon enough, some of them might even be you the readers!

Who do we want to do this for?

The fandom. While many of the fans may belong to an older age group, there are also many who gave gotten into the fandom recently, or are in that awkward place in life where they’re supposedly adults but have no idea what that actually entails. A Kingdom Hearts fan is a child at heart, and we aim to keep the perspective of the audience in mind and come up with things that will appeal to them.

KHH aims to employ different tones to accommodate for all types of personalities. It is to be a cornucopia of professional humor mixed with a tone of seriousness in a relaxed atmosphere occasionally graced with furious rants. There is a variety in the background of individual fans; some just got into the fandom recently, some may not have played all the games, some are veterans and some are wannabe gurus. (All of them are confused.) In order to fuel the fandom to interact, we want to make all these different voices heard.

How do we want do this?

The beauty of Kingdom Hearts is that it’s a multi-sided conversation between the producers and the fans. It’s a story that leaves a lot of space for opinions and speculation, and we want to take advantage of that.

It’s essential that it keeps fans up to date with news – but we want to give the fans a voice. We want to put the spotlight on features written from different points of views on different things surrounding the series, eg. the series itself, gameplay, story, characters, music, art, production, etc. We also want to encourage fan interaction and propel them to express their opinions, whether as comments enclosing their views, suggestions, feedback, or submissions.

Take a look at our menu bar! As you can see, we already have a lot of topics/categories in mind.

Can you contribute? (Spoiler alert: YES!)


If you are interested in writing for KHHypetrain, whether it is submitting a one-off piece or multiple pieces or as a regular writer, fill up our Submit form!

You can also request us to feature your art/cosplay/merch/commision/whatever really! Let us help you get your work out there!

All in all, we want Kingdom Hearts Hypetrain to be your go-to happy place when you are dying to know if there are more people who are as hyped about Kingdom Hearts as you are!

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